About Us

Cosoul founded in 2010, providing a complete line of advanced solutions to the plating industry. With the quality products, the reasonable price and good service, Cosoul provided lots of perfect and satisfied solutions to many customers. Cosoul has its own factory. All the processes are finished at the Cosoul factory. And all the equipments must be done with extensive......

Technical support

•  How to select a correct type rectifier
•  The latest hard oxidation technology and rectifier
•  Technology for No-crack chrome & equipment
•  Communication Protocols: Ethernet TCP/IP
•  The preferred power Corso plating power
•  高频电镀电源的现今需求
•  科索电镀电源是高频电源吗?是逆变电源吗?
•  脉冲电镀工艺概述
•  金属防腐方法多 电镀工艺最常用
•  化学镀镍的用途及其不稳定性分析
•  anodic oxidation
•  单金属电镀-镀铬
•  脉冲电源镀金技术


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